Aquabreeze is an innovative high-density, water-based foam that is incredibly flexible. Its open-cell structure allows the air to circulate with ease, for an optimal dispersion of body heat. Aquabreeze allows the mattress to remain flexible and extremely comfortable, preserving these characteristics over time. Magniflex technology: always at your service.


Memoform is the most anatomical of all the materials we use in production and is designed to react to the weight of the body and to adapt perfectly to any type of build. This characteristic generates a pleasant feeling of ease and lightness while a person is asleep and helps the spine relax.

Memoform HD

Memoform HD is an innovative viscoelastic foam with a very high density that is exceptionally compact. It has a superior ability to adapt to the shape of the body and ensure an optimal spine posture. It is durable and its shelf-life is essentially unlimited, ensuring an unparalleled comfort typical for the most advanced products sought out by the most demanding customers.


Geomemory is an anatomical material enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera or Soy. It adapts to the shape of the body with supreme naturalness and provides independent support for the head, shoulders, torso, arms, pelvis and legs. Because your body is unique and deserves a special treatment.

Mallow Foam

Mallow has anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing properties. Which is why Magniflex has created a material that would enhance that effect, in essence creating a source of well-being for the nervous system. The layer with mallow extracts provides a soft, comfortable and relaxing support. The ultimate definition of comfort at your fingertips.


OUTLAST® is a thermoregulatory fabric that were originally applied to the astronauts’ space suits. The technology enclosed inside employs phase change materials. That is, inside there are millions of spheres made with a special wax that melts at a temperature of 36 degrees. As soon as the body temperature starts to grow, the technology goes into action, absorbing the excess heat. When the temperature starts to fall, the balls inside the material start to consolidate and releases the accumulated heat. Thus the ideal temperature remains constant and increases the regularity of your sleep.


The innovative Magnicool fabric provides a unique sensation of freshness, like the blow of a gentle breeze, a sweet and soft awakening as though you were sleeping on a cloud. Regulates the temperature to ensure an always cool and dry rest , also due to its outstanding breathability.

Anti-suffocation fabric

It is made of breathable 3D fiber. Thanks to its structure, it favors the passage of air inside the mattress, ensuring the anti-suffocation function. It is therefore particularly suitable for children, resting, in their first years of life.


Cashmere is a very soft animal fiber characterized by an extraordinary ability to retain air. One more reason that will make you love cashmere. Its use gives the products we manufacture a high degree of thermal insulation, which helps to retain heat when more is required. It is also able to resist dirt, especially dust. One more reason that will make you love cashmere.

Merino Wool

Merinos wool is one of the finest animal fibers ever obtained from the shearing of the best wool sheep. Extremely thin and soft to the touch, it has strong thermoregulatory and breathable properties, which leaves your skin free to breathe.

Camel wool

With its structure that can retain heat, camel wool is ideal for winter paddings. The material’s hygroscopic properties allow it to absorb and dissipate the moisture released by the body, ensuring a microclimate that is always dry and pleasant for your rest.


Horsehair is an extremely resistant, flexible and elastic fiber. Thanks to its natural conformation, it easily regains its original shape, while its hygroscopic capabilities ensure the absorption of moisture. The result, known since ancient times, is an unaltered comfort over time and it is no coincidence that Magniflex uses it in its manufacturing process.


Linen is the most suitable fiber for the summer-side padding of your mattress. Thanks to its molecular structure, linen is able to absorb and dissipate the moisture released by the body during sleep. It offers a comfortable feeling of freshness and a refined pleasure consistently night after night.


Cotton is a soft and resistant vegetable fiber. It stands out for its great breathability, which keeps it fresh in contact with the skin, and for a structure that easily absorbs moisture. The best for your comfort.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is a material that is always fresh and pleasant to the touch and guarantees maximum breathability. It is certified GOTS, certification issued by the institute for ethical and environmental certification, which attests the naturalness of the materials used in respect of man and the environment. The cover made of 100% organic fabrics, enhances the biological functions, balancing the biorhythm during the hours of sleep.


Silk is the thinnest and most robust natural fiber. It resists deformations while remaining soft and pleasant to the touch. It is also an excellent insulator that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Derived from cellulose, viscose is a soft high-tech fiber with a silky texture, very pleasant to the touch. It has an excellent ability to dissipate moisture, encouraging the perspiration of mattresses and pillows.

Viscose Satin

This material combines the properties of viscose, soft and silky to the touch, the qualities of satin, a yarn with a shiny and elegant appearance. The viscose satin lining has an excellent ability to dissipate the moisture of the mattress.

Super Soft Fiber

The Super Soft Fiber padding boasts exceptional qualities of softness and breathability. Its particular composition offers a feeling of exceptional well-being and improves the perception of comfort during sleep. This fiber guarantees a delicate and enveloping support to the whole body. As if it were being gently cuddled.


Memosoft is an anatomical and cozy material. It soothes the body by providing a maximum comfort, ensuring the feeling of remarkable softness. Coupled with layers in Memoform, Eliosoft or Elioform, it offers an even more delicate support. Indulge yourself in a sleeping experience unlike any other.