Magnistretch Sport

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Comfort level

MagniStretch mattresses are designed to favor the lengthening of the spine, reducing muscle contractions and relieving cervical pain caused by bad postural habits. Certified by ACA AMERICAN CHIROPRATIC ASSOCIATION – the leading national association in the USA – for the beneficial effect of the mattress in lengthening and relaxing the spine


60 years
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A. COVER Magniflex Style

B. BASE LAYER AND COMFORT LEVEL Eliosoft (5cm) and Elioform (16 cm) using the Stretch technique









Magniflex Style

Stretching System

  • The unique Stretch plates, as their name implies, gently “stretch” the back toward the opposite sides of the mattress, thus reducing spinal compression with a relaxing effect.
  • Plate in Eliosoft Eliosoft (5cm) and Elioform (16cm) for optimal back support.
  • Covered in Magniflex Style fabric, removable and washable.




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